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ATM Near Me: Find ATM Locations Nearby

Digital currency has become more popular than ever. There are times however when having cash on hand is necessary. It’s likely you have found yourself in a situation in which you need to quickly find a way to get cash. This means we cannot always rely on the cashless payment modes. In a time sensitive situation, having a way to find an ATM to get cash will be helpful.

The beneficiary may not always be cashless, making it essential for the payee to arrange cash instantly and settle the dues. Banks don’t run 24×7, and ATMs running dry is a common sight.

In such situations, you need someone who can guide you to a nearby ATM with cash. Globally, with roughly 61 ATMs per 100,000 adults on an average, it won’t be challenging to locate one at all. Trying “ATM Near Me” on Google can do the trick. Here’s how you can find an ATM quickly whenever you need cash urgently.

Locating The Nearest ATM With Google Maps

  • Once you open Google Maps, swipe left through the quick-access categories given at the top, like restaurants, shopping, takeout, pharmacies, etc., until you reach the “More” option.
  • Once you click on the “More” option, you instantly will be presented with several categories like Food & Drinks, Things To Do, etc. Slide down through this menu until you reach the “Services” category.
  • Here, the second option down from the left column is that of ATMs. Tapping on this option will open a list of the ATMs closest to you.
  • Below every ATM listed on the page, you will find its address, whether closed or open. It’s essential information because navigating to an ATM via Maps to find out that it’s closed can be very disappointing. So instead, press the ‘Open Now’ toggle at the top so that Google only shows the open ATMs to you.

Suppose you want more information about a particular ATM on the list; zoom in around the red balloon. It will show you the path to the ATM and other things like a nearby gas station or cafe.

At this point, checking the fastest route to reach the nearby ATM will also be beneficial. For example, will a car be needed to get to the ATM fast, or is it more convenient to walk down? Again, it is a decision you can make with this information.

Google Maps doesn’t directly offer information about an ATM running out of cash. However, by providing a complete list of nearby ATMs for you to try, the service can certainly come in handy whenever you need money urgently.

If you don’t wish to use the app, search “ATM near me” on Google. The top results will be from ATMs closest to your current location.

Using A Bank Website To Find ATMs Near You

Most banks have made it easier for their customers by listing their entire network of ATMs and branches on dedicated websites and web pages. Banks with a widespread presence over the country also use a map-based interface that can help users track the nearest ATM. Some banks even provide real-time information on these pages, telling customers if a particular ATM is working or not.

Some bank websites even provide information on ATMs installed at different locations. These commonly include the likes of ATMs with cash, Drive-thru ATMs, No surcharge ATMs, Working ATMs, 24 hr ATMs, Mastercard ATMs, Visa ATMs, etc.

Finding Nearby ATM Locations

Private third-party websites like ours can compile the data from Google Maps or other relevant sources to prepare a list of nearby ATMs in a given location. However, at times the information can be faulty, and there are chances that it is not updated. Nevertheless, even these websites provide information about various ATMs belonging to different banks. Further, we even list crypto ATMs like Bitcoin on such websites in countries like the USA.

Summing Up

Finding an ATM and cash can become a problem in places where digital payments are not accepted. Google’s location services and the self-help pages on bank websites are good resources for finding ATMs in an emergency. Use this site as a guide for navigating these solutions and easily access your nearby ATMs.