Find Huntington Bank ATM Locations Near Me

Are you searching for a Huntington Bank ATM near your location? Your quest ends here! Use our Huntington ATM locator below to find the nearest Huntington Bank ATM. Save on gas and time with our easy-to-use map.

But before you head out, check out these FAQs about using Huntington Bank ATMs:

1. Are there fees for using my Huntington Bank card at a Huntington Bank ATM?

When you use your Huntington Bank card at one of our ATMs, cash withdrawals, fund transfers, or balance inquiries are free. However, a $2 fee will apply if you request a comprehensive statement at the ATM. Additionally, depending on the amount, deposit fees may apply.

2. Can I deposit a check at a Huntington Bank ATM?

Yes, you can deposit checks at Huntington Bank ATMs. Remember to endorse the check beforehand to ensure it is reflected in your account.

3. Is there a daily withdrawal limit when using a Huntington Bank ATM?

In most cases, the daily withdrawal limit at a Huntington Bank ATM is $400. If you need to withdraw more, you’ll need preapproval from the bank or can visit a branch or use your mobile banking app.

4. Can I use a different bank card at a Huntington Bank ATM?

Yes, you can use a different bank card at our ATMs, but consider that additional fees may apply.

5. Can I activate my new Huntington Bank debit card at a Huntington Bank ATM?

Absolutely! You can conveniently activate your new Huntington Bank debit card at any of our ATMs.

About Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank operates over 1,000 locations across 11 states. It offers various financial services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, credit cards, and military banking. Our local branches provide personalized planning and consultations to meet our customers’ needs. Learn more about what Huntington Bank has to offer.

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