Citibank ATM Near Me

Citibank ATMs are easy to find near me. They have ATMs at branches and accessible ATMs at participating retailers such as Target, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, CVS Pharmacy, and Walgreens. So whether you need to withdraw cash to pay the babysitter or buy a high jackpot lottery ticket, a Citibank ATM does the job! Looking for a Citibank ATM close by is a breeze using the search tool below.

Citibank ATM Locations


Citibank was born in 1812 and continues to be a financial leader. While they may be best known for their credit card services, Citibank offers more. They also do banking services, lend money, and support investing. Citibank is nationwide in the United States. Even if there is not a Citibank branch near me, you will find an ATM to use for free. Citibank is committed to meeting your financial needs.