MetaBank ATM Near Me

MetaBank customers can use an ATM for free at any MetaBank location. Surcharge-free transactions can also be done at ATMs with a Privileged Status logo. If you are outside the local area where MetaBank is physically located, it will be essential to find the ATM near me that will allow you the cheapest way to use it. Use the map below to look for a MetaBank ATM near me.

How much will it cost to withdraw cash at a MetaBank ATM with my MetaBank card?

You can withdraw cash without a fee using your MetaBank card at any MetaBank ATM. 

How much cash can I request from a MetaBank ATM per day?

The maximum amount you can withdraw from a MetaBank ATM is $500 daily–provided you have sufficient funds to process the transaction. You obviously won’t be allowed to withdraw more funds than what you have available in your MetaBank account.

Can I use my card from a different bank at a MetaBank ATM?

While you will usually be able to use a card from a different bank to withdraw cash at a MetaBank ATM, keep in mind that you will be charged a transaction fee for doing this. 

Are MetaBank ATMs available 24 hours a day?

MetaBank ATMs’ hours will depend on whether they are inside a store, bank branch, or standalone facilities. ATMs inside stores and bank branches are usually only available during the entity’s regular trading hours. 

Where can I find a MetaBank ATM?

MetaBank ATM facilities can often be found at Walmart stores, some CVS Pharmacy locations, and several Speedway gas stations around the country. 

Who can use MetaBank ATMs?

Anyone with a valid MetaBank card (or Visa card from another bank) can use a MetaBank ATM.

About MetaBank

MetaBank officially changed its name in July 2022 to Pathward. You will find everything MetaBank had to offer at the new company name Pathward. They are a small bank headquartered in South Dakota. MetaBank offers 11 locations and online banking.