Does Walgreens ATM Charge a Fee?

ATMs at Walgreens do not charge fees if they’re part of the Allpoint network.


Walgreens has almost 9,000 stores throughout the US, making it one of the most convenient drugstore franchises. This franchise’s added advantage is that most locations offer ATM facilities, making them a one-stop destination for stocking up on essential items. 

What Type of ATMs are at Walgreens Stores?

In most cases, the Allpoint franchise ATMs are inside Walmart pharmacies, and German American Bank installed them. This means that if you’re an existing customer of this specific bank, you will not need to pay any fees when performing a cash withdrawal at any Allpoint machine.

If you aren’t an existing customer of German American Bank, you may be charged a fee for using the ATMs inside Walgreens. This surcharge varies between $2 and $3.50 per transaction in most cases. However, it can vary depending on the amount of cash you withdraw and the type of account you have.


How Much Can I Withdraw at Walgreens?

When withdrawing money from any ATM at Walgreens, there is usually a limit on the amount of cash that can be requested per transaction. Although this usually varies between $200 and $400 per single transaction, there is normally no limit to the number of transactions you can perform each day—provided that your account has sufficient funds to fulfill your requests. 

Keep in mind that the minimum amount you can normally request from these ATMs is $20.

Finding the ATMs Inside Walgreens

Most Walgreens ATMs are near the point-of-sale areas, usually close to the store entrance, making them easy to find and use. 

ATM Safety Tips

Many people think they won’t have to worry about ATM safety if they withdraw cash inside a busy store like Walgreens. However, the same essential safety tips should be remembered – regardless of where an ATM is located.


It’s recommended that you have a friend or family member accompany you if you intend to withdraw cash, especially if you need a more significant amount than usual. 

Don’t let anyone distract you while using the ATM. This allows criminals to swap their cards or even use a skimming device to obtain their banking details. 

Always inspect the ATM before inserting your card for signs that it may have been tampered with. If the machine appears malfunctioning or something doesn’t look right, report it to a store employee immediately. Under no circumstances should you insert your card if the ATM is damaged, as the machine could retain it. 

What if you aren’t Keen to Use an ATM Inside Walgreens?

Many people are uncomfortable using an ATM that they may not have used before, or they might feel uneasy if the store is too busy. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to obtain the cash they need.


Walgreens offers customers the option of performing a cash-back transaction when paying for goods at the point of sale. However, cash-back amounts at these store locations are limited to a maximum of $20 per single transaction, so it might not be the best solution if you need a larger amount.