American Express ATM Near Me

American Express bank customers can use the ATM services free at any MoneyPass ATM. Look for the American Express logo at the ATM of your choosing to confirm you can use it. Searching below will help you find the American Express ATM near me that you can easily use.

American Express ATM Locations

Learn more about American Express ATMs with our FAQs.

Can I use my American Express Card to withdraw cash from an American Express ATM?

You can withdraw cash from your American Express card, but it’s essential to remember that you may be charged a dedicated cash advance fee for doing so. This amount can vary according to the cash you obtain from the ATM.

Will there be a limit to the amount of cash I can withdraw from an American Express ATM?

Although you will have a usage limit on your American Express card, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to withdraw the total amount in cash. In most cases, the amount you’ll be able to obtain as a cash advance will be a little less than your card limit. This is to help ensure you don’t exceed your limit when fees and interest are added to your outstanding balance. 

Can I use another bank’s card to obtain cash at an American Express ATM? 

Although using a different bank’s card at an American Express ATM may be possible, this is strongly discouraged because of the additional fees levied for performing the transaction. 

Why do I pay additional fees when obtaining a cash advance at an American Express ATM?

Because your American Express card is a credit card, additional fees are charged when making cash withdrawals – much the same as when you withdraw cash from any other credit card at an ATM.

About American Express

American Express is most known as a credit card company but also a bank. They are an online-only bank offering checking and savings accounts, CDs, loans, business checking accounts, and business credit cards. Learn more about American Express