MoneyPass ATM Near Me

MoneyPass is a surcharge-free ATM network that allows you to withdraw cash from any participating ATM without paying a fee. MoneyPass has over 40,000 ATMs nationwide, making it one of the largest surcharge-free ATM networks in the US.


To find a MoneyPass ATM near you, you can use the MoneyPass ATM locator on their website or mobile app. You can also find MoneyPass ATMs at many popular retailers, including Walgreens, CVS, and Target.

Benefits of using MoneyPass ATMs

There are several benefits to using MoneyPass ATMs:

  • No surcharges: MoneyPass ATMs do not charge surcharges for withdrawals.
  • Convenience: MoneyPass ATMs are conveniently located throughout the US, making it easy to find one near you.
  • Variety of features: Many MoneyPass ATMs offer a variety of features, such as check cashing, bill pay, and mobile deposits.

How to find a MoneyPass ATM near you

There are two ways to find a MoneyPass ATM near you:

  1. Use the MoneyPass ATM locator: The MoneyPass ATM locator on their website or mobile app allows you to search for ATMs by zip code, address, or landmark.
  2. Look for the MoneyPass logo: MoneyPass ATMs are prominently marked with the MoneyPass logo.

Tips for using MoneyPass ATMs

Here are a few tips for using MoneyPass ATMs:

  • Check the ATM locator before you go: This will help you ensure that there is a MoneyPass ATM near your destination.
  • Have your card and PIN ready: This will help you avoid cash withdrawal delays.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Always be mindful when using an ATM, especially at night.
  • Keep your card and PIN safe: Never share your card or PIN with anyone.


MoneyPass is a great way to save money on ATM fees and withdraw cash from convenient locations throughout the US. If you are looking for a surcharge-free ATM network, MoneyPass is an excellent option.