American Express Card at ATMs: Tips and Fee-Free Options

When using your American Express card at an ATM, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure a smooth and cost-effective experience. American Express cards are primarily designed for in-store purchases and online transactions, unlike other credit card companies. Nevertheless, some American Express cards do offer ATM access.


Using Your American Express Card at an ATM

  1. Check Your Card’s Features: Not all American Express cards allow ATM withdrawals, so it’s essential to check your card’s terms and conditions or contact customer service to confirm if your card has this feature.
  2. Find ATMs That Accept American Express: Look for ATMs that display the American Express logo, or use our American Express ATM locator or visit the official Amex website to find compatible ATMs nearest you.
  3. Be Prepared for Fees: Using your American Express card at an ATM may incur fees from American Express and the ATM operator. American Express typically charges a cash advance fee, and interest accrues immediately.

ATMs With No Fee for American Express

  • No Specific Networks: Unlike other credit cards or bank cards, American Express does not have a specific ATM network offering fee-free withdrawals.
  • Bank Alliances: Check with your bank to see if they have any partnerships with American Express that might offer fee-free ATM withdrawals.
  • Credit Unions and Partnerships: Some credit unions or regional banks may partner with American Express to offer fee-free ATM access. If you belong to a credit union or bank, inquire about arrangements with American Express.


When using an American Express card at an ATM, always be mindful of the fees associated with cash advances. Review the terms and conditions of your card to understand the costs involved and its compatibility with certain ATMs. If you want to avoid fees, consider using other methods of withdrawing cash, such as using a debit card associated with your checking account or visiting a bank branch.