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What can be done at an ATM?

You can make an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) financial transaction anytime. There are no open or closed hours for ATMs so you can use them 24 hours a day. A variety of functions can be performed at an ATM. Withdrawing cash is the most popular thing to do. If you have a debit or credit card use this card at an ATM to get cash on hand. Then the money will be withdrawn from your own account or a third party will charge your account for the funds. Most ATMs offer cash in $20 bills. It is unlikely to withdraw bills other than this unless you research ATMS near me that withdraw $10 bills.

Another thing you can do at ATMs is a deposit. While it is possible to deposit cash, be cautious that if the cash is miscounted or lost, you have little proof that you put the cash in. Depositing checks is a sure thing as you will have written proof of your deposit. First, the ATM will ask you to enter the deposit amount on the screen. When the check is placed into the ATM it will also typically scan the check to ensure it matches the amount entered. Checks will be deposited into checking or savings account.

Also, you can check your account balance at an ATM. Knowing how many funds are in your account is important to make sure you do overdraw the account or spend more money than you have available. After looking at the available money, you will be able to use your debit card wisely and not incur extra fees.

Finally, you can cash a check at an ATM. Bring your check to the ATM and sign the back of the check. When you submit the check to the ATM, then you can get the cash back. Sometimes the bank will require the funds to be available in your account before getting the money from the check. If so, cashing smaller check amounts should not be a problem.

Advantages of an ATM

You can perform the same actions at an ATM at an actual bank. Why would you choose to use an ATM? Many advantages exist to using an ATM that you may find helpful.

  • ATMs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no hours when you can’t use an ATM so they are available anytime you desire.
  • ATMs have a drive thru option. You can stay in the comfort of your car while getting the money you need. Whether you have small children with you or just like the temperature of your car, you are not disrupted by getting out with an ATM.
  • ATMs allow you to get cash only when you need it. By carrying your ATM card with you, then you do not have to keep large amounts of cash on hand that could be stolen or lost. Carrying a debit or credit card is much slimmer than cash.
  • Rarely is there a line for an ATM. You use an ATM quickly, so there is less time for a wait to build up. ATMs are also readily available, so the chances of many people going to the same one are slim.
  • Your cash is secure in a bank or ATM, as you need to use a PIN to access the money. You know the PIN for the ATM card, but others who may find or get their hands on the card do not, and thus your cash is more protected.

Do I have to be a bank customer to use an ATM?

Fortunately, there are many options for using ATMs now that do not require you to belong to the specific bank where the ATM is located. While you will probably get fewer charges and fees if you use the ATM for your own bank, this is not a necessity. Most ATMs allow customers connected to other banks to use their ATMs. You need to check with your financial institution to determine how many transactions (if any) you get that do not have a fee.

Also, some networks have agreements for institutions to use any ATM at no cost to the customer. These include networks such as All Point or MoneyPass. If an ATM has this logo and is associated with this network, the chances are higher that you can use it with little cost associated. You can inform yourself on the options available through your card and bank to be prepared. I know when you travel you will especially want to be updated on the best options. Traveling in unfamiliar areas is a common time to be using ATMs. You will be using ATMs to buy souvenirs, pay for admissions and just have fun! You will definitely want to research your debit card before going on the adventure.