Coinflip ATM Near Me

Cryptocurrency is the new age money! Finding a Coinflip ATM will help you get into the crypto world by letting you buy and sell numerous types of crytpocurrency. Even if you did not get into Bitcoin when you should have (meaning you aren’t a millionaire yet), it’s not too late to start! Use the locator below to find the nearest Coinflip ATM that will allow you to get into the digital game. Happy investing!

Coinflip ATM Locations


Coinflip is Bitcoin ATM operator. They make buying and selling Bitcoin simple by letting you use cash, card or bank transfer at their ATM. Coinflip ATMs are located in a total of 47 states with over 2,300 machines in use. They are competitive by promising they will match the fee of any of any Bitcoin ATM that has a lower fee within a 5-mile radius. Coinflip supports transactions for Bitcoin, Ethereum and several more.