Where Can I Use an ATM Without a Fee?

Several ATMs allow customers to use them without charging fees.

Although ATMs are conveniently situated all over the country, it doesn’t mean you can use any machine to perform a cash withdrawal and not pay a fee. You can often be charged quite a hefty fee for using any ATM that does not form part of your own bank or credit union’s network. 

Below are a few ways in which you can use various ATMs without having to worry about paying additional fees for accessing your own money:

1. Use In-network ATMs wherever Possible

The most obvious way to use an ATM without being charged a fee for doing so will be to ensure that you only use those affiliated with your bank or credit union. In many cases, these institutions allow a predetermined number of transactions to be performed free of charge at their network of ATMs. The number of free transactions you qualify for will often depend on your account type, whether it’s with a bank or credit union, and whether you carry the required minimum balance in your account at all times. 

2. Inquire about Potential Rebates

If you cannot use your own bank’s ATMs for any reason, it’s a good idea to inquire if they will be willing to offer ATM fee rebates under any specific circumstances. These days, fee reimbursements are offered as a standard feature on several popular bank account options. In many cases, local banks and credit unions will also be willing to offer rebates.

3. Ask if your Bank or Credit Union forms Part of a Surcharge-free Network

Some banks and credit unions have agreements with various fee-free AM networks, allowing customers to use any ATM in this particular network and not pay a surcharge for withdrawing cash. Some online bank accounts like Capital One 360 don’t charge their customers foreign ATM fees.

Here are some of the most popular networks that currently don’t charge ATM fees:

  • Allpoint
  • MoneyPass
  • Plus Alliance Network
  • SUM
  • TransFund

What Happens When No Free ATMs are Available?

In situations where you only have the option of using an ATM that will charge you a fee, it’s time to get smart. These days, several other payment options are usually available in retail stores or even when paying for services rendered by tradespeople, for instance. 

Pay by Using a Debit or Credit Card

Most stores and even tradespeople who perform work at clients’ properties can accept debit and credit card payments nowadays. Card transactions have become one of the more preferred means of payment these days for security and even health reasons – because physical cash is passed through so many hands, it has the potential to spread bacteria and viruses with ease. 

Consider Using the Cash App Payment App

If you’re comfortable with the Cash App payment app, you’ll generally be able to use your Cash App Cash Card and unique PIN number to perform a free cash withdrawal at almost any ATM in the country. However, you will need to have a minimum amount of $300 from your paycheck deposited directly into your Cash App account every month before taking advantage of this convenient option.

Once you have successfully activated the free ATM withdrawal option on your Cash App account, you’ll be provided with an additional month of free reimbursements for any ATM fees that you would have otherwise paid during this time.

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